People love our products in this range, because the they can feel the difference from exterior to the interior of the products.

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This is a timber gran door, available in textured finishes. It is highly durable and adds a depth of realism you can feel. It is a great alternative to timber veneer.

Think of cabinet hardware as a tool to help you define your theme and personal taste. The hardware you ultimately choose is just as essential to the design as the cabinets, furniture, appliances and decor. However, it's more of a finishing-touch element, making it one of the easier and already narrowed-down decisions to make. You can choose the Handles directly on our suppliers website, or choose other hardware by reading the product catalogue.

We offer Benchtops in CaesarStone, granite, marble or laminate of your choice. Benchtops available for all projects. You will get high quality benchtops at a very affordable price.


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SA Kitchens


SA Kitchens

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